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Customer Gallery

You are encouraged to send us your Hook Lure catch pictures. We will post all (decent) pictures in this Gallery for at least one month. Please include the story behind the picture including the type of Hook Lure product you used.

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Rick - Bass

Rick of Colonial Heights, VA, caught this fine 15" Bass on a 5 wt fly rod while casting from his canoe with a cricket pattern in a creek not safe for boating. Not bad at all for his first bass on a fly rod.


Eric - Walleye

Stringer of Walleye. Caught at Long Legged Lake in Ontario Canada. First day out with the Weighted All Singing All Dancing Hook Lure. Great experience.


Pascal - Trout

30 inches and 10 pounds makes for a very nice lake trout. This was caught in mid July at lac Dusterlo, which is about as far North as you can go in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Phil - Walleye

Caught at Long Legged Lake in Ontario Canada. Largest of which was 26" and 7 pounds. Caught with the Hook Lure Tandem Lure and tasted great!


Hisham - Sturgeon

Hisham, a great customer, felt compelled to send us this picture. The impressive sturgeon was caught with a hook and worm. Sorry Hisham, we can not publish your photo because it was not caught with a Hook Lure.


Dave - Pike

Now that's a pike ! Great picture too. Dave caught this pike while trolling with a Mercury 2 Hook Lure. Per Dave, all he needs are a couple of Hook Lure spinners and a few Hook Lure flies to enjoy a full day of successful fishing.

Rob - Pike

Sorry we could not fit the whole pike in this picture Rob. To see the full size click on the picture. Rob hooked this pike on the fly. That's right! Fly fishing in the weeds using a Hook Lure Hamilton Pike Fly.


Mac - Bass

Mac caught this behemoth of a bass while casting a Hooklure Red Throated Black Matuka. Mac was after rainbow trout but was quite happy to hook this 6.6 pound monster !


Dave & Marc - Pike/Walleye

Very nice walleye and great pike. While Dave was fly fishing in the weeds, Marc, in the same boat was waiting for the fly to awake the pike in order to cast in a Mercury 1 Hook Lure. The fly was more successful but the contest between fly and cast was great fun!

Hisham - Bass

Hisham caught 4 pike & 2 bass before he lost his Hooklure Mercury 2. Sam (background) & Andrew spent most of the day cursing! Sam & Andrew could learn a lot from Hisham and one day aspire to be as successful as he is. It appears that fish in the Richelieu River in Quebec also prefer Hooklure.


Marc Pike - Walleye

Just to kill time, Marc did a little casting off the dock with a Hook Lure All Signing All Dancing Lure. That will make a nice supper! It only took a couple of years to realize that there was no need to boat 30 minutes accross the lake to find a great catch.

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