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Trout Flies

These are Hooklure's best Trout Flies. Hooklure creates, manufactures and distributes fishing flies and fishing lures to individuals, small businesses and retailers throughout the world. We pride ourselves on excellence. We believe you will see the quality, enjoy the related angling success and come back for more...

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Trout Fly - Beadhead Prince Nymph #10
Beadhead Prince Nymph #10

The Prince Nymph is effective in rivers and lakes particularly for Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout. The Prince Nymph was made popular by Doug Prince from California, hence the name Prince Nymph. The gold colored bead adds a little weight to this fly which helps get the fly down when the fish are not feeding on the surface. The bead head makes the fly dive towards the river bed. Especially on a sunny day the shinny gold bead head can help in catching the eye of a predatory Trout.

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Trout Fly - Hornburg Jungle Cock Eye
Hornburg Jungle Cock Eye

The Hornburg Jungle Cock Eye fly was developed by Frank Hornberg. This particular fly has a long history of success dating back to the 18th century. This fly can be fished wet or dry. You want to cast this fly out and let it sit on the surface for a while. You can also fish it at any depth in 2 to 3 foot strips. The Hornburg Jungle Cock Eye Fly is a classic pattern that many experienced fly fishermen swear by. It can easily become your favorite fly. The eye behind the collar is a real jungle cock eye.

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Trout Fly - Woven Stonefly
Woven Stonefly Nymph

The Woven Stonefly Nymph mimics the Stonefly that often washes off the rocks then tumbles into bottom current. This is Trout's easiest meal. To fish the Stonefly Nymph effectively you must get the fly as close to the bottom as possible. Using sink-tip or full sinking lines will help. Try to feel the fly bouncing on the bottom after casting up and across, following the fly downstream with the rod tip. Watch for hesitation in the line drift. Set the hook anytime the line stops moving. Maybe a fish on.

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Trout Fly - Mickey Finn Streamer
Mickey Finn Streamer

Mickey Finn was originally called the Assassin for it's deadly qualities. The name was changed to Mickey Finn, which is a very old spiked drink that was served up to send its victims to their grave. Designed in 1936 by John Knight, this baitfish pattern should be fished deep. This classic fly has taken: Trout, Salmon, Pike, Musky and Bass. The Mickey Finn Streamer is a great baitfish imitation. This pattern has been popular with Trout fly fisherman for years and should definitly be part of your tackle box.

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Trout Fly - Stimulator Royal
Stimulator Royal

The Stimulator Royal fly is a dry fly that attracts big Trout. The Simulator Royal fly is certainly worth multiple casts. This fly floats well and combined with its' colors make it easy to spot and intriguing to large Trout. The Stimulator is used by most Fly fisherman as a general fly that will work in multiple situations. Present this fly as if it has fallen from the rocks. This fly has been used successfully for generations from Canada to Chile and Argentina in South Amerrica to the Europes and wherever large Trout are found.

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Trout Fly - Glass Minnow
Black Woolly Bugger

The Black Woolly Bugger flies are tied with high quality materials on size # 8 hooks. This pattern credited to Russell Blessing. Probably amongst the most important fly developed in the last fifty years. The Woolly Buggers have become very popular because of their consistent success catching trout, bass and even pike. Every lake contains leaches so a leech pattern is certainly going to catch a few fish. It would be a challenge to find a fish that has not been taken with a Woolly Bugger.

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Trout Fly - Hares Ear Stonefly
Hares Ear Stonefly

Hares Ear Stonefly is fished deep and slow. This is a classic all purpose fly that should be a part of every fly box. It looks like many aquatic insects and is recognized as food by a variety of game fish. This primarily a Trout fly. The Hares Ear Stonefly has many attributes as it can be used in all water types and conditions. This fly is quite authentic. It takes fish by surprise and gluttony.

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Trout Fly - Black Nose Dace
Black Nose Dace

The Black Nose Dace is credited to Art Flick (1947) Streamside Guide. The fly resembles many types of minnows. This is a good fly for fishing in holding pockets or in deeper waters. If the fish are chasing minnows this is the fly you want to be throwing at them. These classic streamers are made with a red tag, and a silver body. They have caught many a big fish.

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Trout Fly - Pheasants Tail Nymph
Pheasants Tail Nymph

The Pheasants Tail is perhaps the best representation of the mayfly nymph, which is common to most parts of the world. This fly pattern has probably accounted for more Trout being caught globally, than any other nymph pattern. The Pheasant Tail Nymph should be presented at the appropriate depth, and retrieved very, very slowly to mimic the movements of an emerging mayfly..

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